Figured Fumed Red Oak / Flat cut / Book Matched /2 section Butt match/ no stain 

Maple Burl

Custom Reception Desk in White, with Walnut Live Edge

Custom Gallery

Maple Burl Border


Every Table tells a Story

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Great Lakes Collection

Ammonia. NH3. A colorless gas found in the natural environment marked by a distinct, pungent odor. A precursor chemical to some 45% of the world's food and fertilizer, our own bodies contain the stuff. Astonishing and beautiful things happen when wood is "fumed" in a vacuum, with NH3 vapors.

Modern Credenza
Cornerstone Furniture

In Masonry, the "Cornerstone" is the first stone laid.  A Reference Point, Direction and a Promise, of what lays ahead.  ​That’s why Cornerstone Furniture is just as committed to quality and integrity as it was on day one. Our promise still stands.

You can take that to the bank.

Since 1993

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The Great Lakes Collection

Quartered Cherry

Proudly Made in the USA

Quartered Cherry

Fumed Eucalyptus Veneer / no stain

Great Lakes Furniture

Conference Tables

Conference tables

Fumed White Oak / Flat cut / no stain 


Modern Industrial Credenza

From fine domestic hardwoods to industrial steel, from solid surface to high pressure laminate, whether refined finishes or rustic and environmentally sensible reclaimed hardwoods, our skilled craftsmen stand ready to build you the furniture you always dreamed of.

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